What Are The Commonly Misspelled Town Names In Washington State?

Washington State has some of the quirkiest town names in the country.


Here Are Our Top Five Picks Of The Most Commonly Misspelled Town Names In WA

From the famous Forks (of Twilight fame) to the lesser-known town of Zillah (pronounced zill-Uh), there are plenty of unusual names to discover, but did you know that some of these names are often misspelled?

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For me, Coeur d'Alene Idaho would be the toughest name to spell and because of that, I'll probably never live there.

If I can't spell it, it would be a hard pass but there are a few towns in Washington State that'll drive you nuts trying to spell them and we've selected five that might surprise you on how many times they get misspelled.

The 5 Most Commonly Misspelled Town Names in Washington State

Check out these five hilariously misspelled town names from the state of Washington. See if you can guess which one is often mistaken for a profanity!

Washington State is a land of many beauties, but also of many spelling conundrums.

Spelling traditional names can be a challenging feat for both natives and visitors to the state and I should know, as a native Washingtonian, there are a few towns I'd like to avoid spelling, especially Coeur d'Alene which isn't even in Washington State.

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