Summer Fun

Favorite Meats on the Grill...Do You Agree?
Labor Day over the years has grown into more than just a day off.  The "workingmen's holiday" traditionally brings parades, store sales, and of course, the ever-popular barbecue!  Often, it's a great day for friends snd family to get together to enjoy food and f…
TODAY! Free Bored in a Box!
Bored in a Box promises great FUN!
If you have kids and they're bored, this is for you!  How many times can you hear, "What can we do?  Where can we go?"
Now, you have the perfect answer.  Richland Parks and Recreation has teamed with HAPO to present Bored in a Bo…
Let's Go to the MOVIES!
Drive-In movies are big in Tri-Cities today!  The fun happens this weekend in Kennewick.  Load the family up to enjoy the movies at Columbia Park, with Carpool Cinema.
Let's face it, there's only so much tv you can watch, only so many video games one can play...

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