Searching for a job is hard work! You have to not only believe in yourself but be willing to pump yourself up, making sure to remember key moments you learned lessons and adding them to your resume in hopes an employer will pick yours out of the pile.

Make Yourself Stand-Out

Your resume should be cut down to one page, only the information that's pertinent to the specific job you're going for. Meaning, each time you apply for something different, adjustments should be made.

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Canva is a FANTASTIC app to get you started. Not only is there a free version, but there's a whole section for resumes so you can pick a template that you enjoy and input your information. Also, you can add a picture of yourself. A great way to stand out and make an employer's eyes go straight to yours first. It shows you took time to make it pop and it will make a difference PLUS you can do it all from your phone.

Apply Smarter

Yakima School District, West Valley School District, Naches School District, Selah School District, Mead School District, East Valley School District, Pasco School District, Richland School District, Prosser School District, Moses Lake School District, and beyond are great spots to start your search.

Each school district has positions for EVERYTHING! Teachers, substitutes, para pros, coaches, cooks, maintenance, janitors, bus drivers, and more. Once you are in a school district you can move around to different positions and even get your education paid for while you gain certificates and degrees so you can make more money! There are also after-school and before-school programs that you can sign-up for to make extra cash. This is a great spot to start if you already have children in school because you both will have the same days off. You'll have a consistent salary and opportunity to grow.

More Positions Available

  • PJ's Music Box in Yakima is in need of a part-time security guard
  • United State Postal Service hiring in pretty much every county, everywhere for rural carriers, city carriers, and more
  • Bi-Mart in Yakima is in need of a seasonal Garden Clerk
  • Seedlings in Zillah is hiring a sales associate
  • TSA Transportation Officers are needed at the Yakima Airport, Pasco Airport, and beyond
  • Dog Boarding Kennel - Tri-Cities is in need of kennel workers
  • Amex - Hiring a Travel Consultant
  • Dial- A-Ride - Ben Franklin Transit in Richland
  • Yakima Memorial Hospital - Currently has 1,029 positions available across all their locations and floors.
  • Prosser Memorial Hospital has 13 positions they are currently needing to fill
  • Comprehensive Healthcare is currently hiring over 101 different positions across Eastern Washington

Worksoure Yakima is another wonderful spot to begin your search. They can assist with putting your resume together, show you jobs that fit what you are looking for as well as put together mock interviews!

Please don't hesitate to let me know of more positions and I will update this list all week long. I might be an on-air DJ but I also have a bachelor's degree in business administration and travel industry management. I want to help you succeed and have the knowledge to do so please don't be shy and reach out if you need more assistance @sarahjthedj

Simple Spell to Get a Job via Granny_Magick_Margaret_Jamison on Instagram

Don't freak out but why not right? What you will need; green paper, green or gold crystal, and mint!

1) On the green paper, write down the job you're manifesting

2) Next, visualize yourself at the job. What does it feel like, what do you wear, what is your commute?

3) As you visualize, sprinkle mint, associated with luck and money, on top of your paper.

4) Place your crystal on top, and keep your spell on your altar (or a favorite spot) Come back and visualize daily or weekly, until you get the job!

Spots Hiring

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