What do you get when you combine boyfriends, butterflies and big hoop earrings with zebras, and acoustic and electric guitars? You get the essential elements of the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards performances.

LMFAO, who also co-hosted the awards, opened the show with a bang. The duo performed a medley of their inescapable hits, from ‘Party Rock Anthem’ to ’Champagne Showers’ to ‘Sexy and I Know It.’ While all of LMFAO’s performances are unique and nutty in their own way, this Day-Glo stage party had a lot of familiar elements. Like what? Confetti, choreography, tight pants and zebras. There is no better way to kick off an awards show than with the kind of fun-loving, high-energy show that these guys put on. [WATCH HERE]

Carly Rae Jepsen hit the stage immediately after LMFAO, and of course, she performed her signature song, ‘Call Me Maybe.’ It’s the hit that launched a thousand covers and earned her the first award of the evening on the red carpet for Most Streamed Video of the Year, as well as Video of the Year and Ur Fave Video of the Year. The perf was typical Carly Rae: cute but indistinct (save for the hearts on her boobs) with a lot of jumping. [WATCH HERE]

Next up were Marianas Trench, who are huge in their native Canada but haven’t quite broken outside of there yet. Performances like the one they delivered, however, show that they’re extremely underrated outside of their home country. Their theatrics and pure musicality are a force to be reckoned with. Expect to hear from them soon! [READ MORE HERE]

Nelly Furtado performed her newest single, ‘Big Hoops (Bigger the Better),’ but didn’t actually wear any hoops. Instead, she opted for giant neon green drop earrings to complement her slicked back pony. It was a decidedly “street” performance and she appeared to have fun with it. [WATCH HERE]

Ed Sheeran took the softest performance of the night, but his acoustic rendition of ‘The A Team’ didn’t sacrifice the crowd’s nor the show’s energy. Though the song is an ode to heartbreaking addiction, it’s so beautiful to listen to that you can’t help but somehow smile as you sing along. He completely owned his performance. We guess singing for the Queen makes things like this seem easy! [WATCH HERE]

Canadian band Hedley rocked out with ‘Kiss You Inside Out.’ The band began their set by wishing their dads a “Happy Father’s Day.” Cute! The track originally premiered right here on PopCrush in May. The emotional tune struck a chord with their home country’s fans and likely earned plenty of new ones right here in the states. [READ MORE HERE]

Flo Rida wore a sleeveless vest when he hit the stage, but he had surprises up his sleeves anyway. He opened with ‘Good Feeling’ before launching into ‘Wild Ones.’ However, since Sia wasn’t around to sing the hook, he got someone else to fill in — none other than Carly Rae Jepsen! It was a fun performance for sure, as we’ve come to expect from the always-upbeat Flo and Carly. [WATCH HERE]

Kelly Clarkson absolutely killed it with her performance of ‘Dark Side’ and ‘Stronger.’ The ‘Duets‘ coach opened her set with the first verse and chorus of her ballad, then blew into the anthemic breakup hit. She manages to ad lib without going overboard — no small feat — and proves time and again that she has one of the best voices of her generation. [WATCH HERE]

Following a lot of hype from hosts LMFAO, Katy Perry hit the stage to perform ‘Wide Awake.’ Typically theatric, K.P. started her show inside of a cocoon, eventually bursting out of it to expose a sparkly nude bodysuit and rainbow butterfly wings. It was almost like watching a purple-haired hybrid of a Britney Spears performance with Christina Aguilera‘s classic ‘Fighter’ video. Though not necessarily the most creative thing we’ve ever seen, we have to hand it to Katy — it was a stunning visual. [WATCH HERE]

Justin Bieber closed the show with a medley of ‘All Around the World,’ which was somewhat reminiscent of his girlfriend Selena Gomez‘s hit ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ — especially when he sings about his girl being “beautiful.” He then launched into his first ‘Believe’ single, ‘Boyfriend,’ to bring it all home. From the vocals to the intricate choreography, even his critics have to admit that Biebs earns every comparison to Michael Jackson that he gets. [WATCH HERE]

Considering Biebs is probably the biggest star Canada’s ever seen, it was only appropriate to have him close out the ceremony. Oh Canada — you done good!