The 2013 Billboard Music Awards hit Las Vegas Sunday night (May 19) and we're thrilled to report that there were only a scant few clunkers in the worst dressed department. Fashion-wise, there were more good looks than bad ones, as the event was a mixed bag of classy gowns and party frocks, and some strange takes on pantsuits.

Without further ado, these were the most questionable and "WTF?" looks of the night.

Miley Cyrus

The singer/actress wore a Balmain jumpsuit with black and white checks and crocheted pieces. It was too court jester for our taste and both elements (the colors and the fabric) were mismatched and disconnected.

To borrow a phrase from Ethan Hawke's Troy in 'Reality Bites,' she looked like a doily. A wannabe punk rock doily, but a doily no less.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Alyssa Milano

We know the actress is a new mom and all, but her bell-bottomed white ensemble would be glam if she was a retired divorcee in Florida. The volume of the kimono-like, one-shouldered top and the sheer pants were confusing. Milano is too pretty for this pounds-and-years-adding pantsuit number.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Jennifer Morrison

The 'Once Upon a Time' actress wore a sheer black Kristian Aadvenik dress that looked more like bedroom attire. The top is a bustier meant for gettin' bizzy, and the skirt was completely see-through. It gives the illusion that you can see her bloomers. Why even bother with a sheer overlay? Take this one back to Frederick's of Hollywood. (And what's with all the actresses hanging with the music peeps and crashing their party?)

Ed Sheeran

Oh, Ed. We love your intimate and beautifully heartfelt songs, but why not clean up a little and ditch the sweater, jeans and kicks? It was a sloppy and no-effort presentation that your little brother would wear to the mall.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images