Washington State has its share of history makers and a few of them are buried in Washington State.

We might not get the love like Memphis or Los Angeles for famously visited gravesites but we do have several sites that you can visit in a quick day trip around the state of Washington.

Some famous Washingtonians like Bing Crosby and Adam West were raised in Washington but when they passed away, they weren't buried in the state they were born in.

Several celebrities made Washington their home and are buried in the state.

We've included some of them in our top 10 list of famous people that are buried in Washington State.

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Ray Charles spent time in Seattle in his career but when he passed, he was buried in California.

Ray Charles Performs In Concert
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The late great Carol Channing was born in Seattle but when she passed in 2019, she had her ashes scattered at several theatres in California and New York as the star of the stage.

Carol Channing
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I've compiled 10 fascinating famous people that are buried in Washington State. We've got famous musicians on our list, actors, baseball players, billionaires, and even a famous bear.

Take a peek at our complete list of 10 famous people who are buried in the State of Washington.

These 10 Famous People Are Buried In Washington State

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Some of our Top 10 was expected but a few weren't. I especially have fond memories of watching Ben the bear from Grizzly Adams TV show. I didn't even realize he was buried in the state until I did this article. You check out more famous burial sites in Washington here.  

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