Not too much can beat a summer filled with good music AND weather, so thank you to Chinook Fest for putting together another fantastic line-up of bands for our community to enjoy!

It all goes down Sept. 7-9 in Naches.

The full list of bands is below, but I wanted to give a big shout-out to an up-and-coming band that I had the pleasure of announcing last year -- Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys! Right out the gate they hit me with a Rihanna cover and I was hooked!

CLICK HERE for that performance

Native Yakimaniacs, these three are just going to get better and better. They are so kind, so young (the youngest is 10) and spend hours each week working on their sound. Love what they are up to and wish them the best of luck as they continue to pop all over the place!

Have you had a chance to see Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys perform yet?

Here's their latest ...

Here is your full list of bands

1) Jonathon Tyler

3) Micky and The Motorcars

4) Alex Willams

5) Kris Lager Band

6) Caleb Hawley

7) Too Slim & The Taildraggers

8) The Trongone Band

9) Cody Beebee & The Crooks

10) Tim Snider

11) The Wicks

12) Hillstomp

13) Robert Jon & The Wreck

14) Vaudeville Etiquette

15) Cascade Crescendo

16) Down North

17) Decent At Best

18) Whitney Monge

19) Old Coast

20) Cobrahawk

21) Whiskey Fever

22) Coaster

23) Jayleigh Ann & The Lost Boys

25) Temptest NW

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