Do you know that old adage from Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Life moves pretty quickly and if you don't stop for a moment, you'll miss all the neat things around you. If you looked around the Tri-Cities a little closer, you'd see some pretty neat things.

I moved to the Tri-Cities in 2007 and I fell in love with the area. I loved it so much that I commuted to Yakima for eight years just so I wouldn't have to move.

We've got a lot to offer right here in the Tri-Cities and I thought it would be awesome to show you some pictures of how great life is here in the Columbia Basin.

I've compiled a gallery of some of my favorite pictures spotlighting life here in the Tri-Cities.

The majority of the photos are from Townsquare Media interns and a few from a free website called Unsplash. I was going through some old photo folders and thought that these pictures had to be shared.

25 Awesome Photos Capture Life Here In The Tri-Cities

We live in an awesome place and 25 photos really show how cool life really is in the Tri-Cities

Pretty cool pictures huh?

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Whenever I ask people what they love about the Tri-Cities, they love that Tri-Cities has 4 distinct seasons and access to the water and the hills.

We are also close to everything you'd need from a big city like Portland and Seattle and we still have that small-town feel.

What do you love about the Tri-Cities? Let me know on the APP and thanks for checking out my pictures. If you have a cool picture of the Tri-Cities, feel free to share it on our APP as well.

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