Here Are 25 Entertainment Options We'd Like To See In Tri-Cities Washington

Tri-Cities Washington is a great place to live and we've got some great entertainment options but as awesome as the towns are, there are a few options that the locals would love to see in the Tri-Cities.


Can You Guess The #1 Attraction That Tri-Cities Locals Want?

We asked you on Facebook to name attractions that would make the Tri-Cities an even better place to live and you responded with some great ideas and dreams.

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proud of his courage the child in the high wire park. hanging bridge. HDR

The #1 choice among the 200+ comments we'll reveal at the end of the list. The amazing thing is that a lot of what people would like to see in Tri-Cities are typically nearby.

The drive-in theater for example is down in Milton-Freewater and a great family fun center can be found in Yakima. We would just like all those things here in the Tri-Cities and I don't blame you for that.

We've compiled the top 25 things we think the Tri-Cities needs, see if you agree with our list below:

25 Entertainment Options We'd Like To See In The Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Washington is an awesome place to live but these 25 entertainment options would make it better

Talk about a great list and now I can reveal that of all of our comments, a water park was the #1 thing locals would like to see in the Tri-Cities.

The good news is that is exactly what Pasco would like to bring to the area. It might still be a few years off but it's nice to see one dream come to fruition.

We just need to work on the other 24. 😁

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