Who's Got The Best Customer Service In Tri-Cities Washington?

Truly great customer service is about creating a human connection with the customer. It's not just about providing a product or service, it's about creating an experience that the customer will remember.

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Here Are 25 Places In The Tri-Cities With Stellar Customer Service

The best customer service is warm, friendly, and personal. It's about making the customer feel like they are the only person in the world that matters at that moment.

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Great customer service is also efficient and effective, solving the customer's problem as quickly as possible. But most of all, it's about creating a human connection that leaves the customer feeling valued and appreciated.

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We asked you on Facebook what Tri-Cities Washington businesses have the best customer service and you responded with over 220 comments.

Great Customer Service At 25 Tri-Cities Businesses, Here's Our List:

We couldn't get to them all but we wanted to spotlight 25 of the best of the best. They are in no particular order but we wanted to let others know about their great customer service. We've got links so it'll make it easier to check out these businesses here in the Tri-Cities.

Great Harvest Bread Co

Super Uno Tacos

Frank & Sons

Islandview Market


Lil Firehouse Coffee

Hi-Land Garage

Rich Breshears
Rich Breshears

Chinese Gardens

Andy's North

Two Bits And A Bite

Palm Bar and Grill


Grace Kitchen

Indaba Coffee

The Human Bean

Hill's Restaurant

Luna Wellness Center

El Fat Cat

elfatcat 1

Roy's Garage

Horse Heavens Hills Urgent Pet Care 

Dino Drop-In Learning Centers


Jiffy Car Wash

ABCDino Academy

Broadmoor RV

credit: broadmoor RV
credit: broadmoor RV

That's our list but feel free to add to the list in the comments below and on our station APP CHAT feature.

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