Not sure what;'s going on with the beauty pageants in our area but now a 2nd young woman has lost her crown in a Tri-Cities pageant. This time it was Sarah Carlson who was crowned Miss Tri-Cities Outstanding Teen in July.

Photo Credit:John Mcallister
Photo Credit:John Mcallister

Sarah’s title, included $2,450 in scholarship money and thousands of dollars in other prizes, have now been revoked over a technicality. She is just a mere two weeks to old to compete in the state and national Outstanding Teen pageants next year. She’ll turn 18 on July 20. To be eligible for those contests, girls must not turn 18 on or before July 31 of the pageant year.

Sarah and her family are understandably upset as you can imagine.
A 2nd Tri-Cities pageant winner was disqualified recently because she failed to disclose a misdemeanor theft charge her title and pageant winnings were also revoked.
What's going on Tri-Cities Pageant officials?
In the case of Sarah it appears she did nothing wrong and even provided her actual birth certificate in which apparently the birth date was over looked.

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