Darby Stanchfield stars as Abby on ABC's hit show "Scandal" -- you may also remember her as Helen Bishop on AMC's "Mad Men." Don't miss tonight's show -- there are only three episodes left. Olivia Pope needs extra help in the White House,

The campaign is in full swing and Abby stomps around the White House trying to be Olivia Pope with disastrous results... it's full of scandal, she said.

We're near the end of the season. "I don't know what those writers are eating and drinking, but they have come up with the best season finale ever," she teased.

She was a divorcé and feminist on "Mad Men." In fact, her television career has been full of ex-wife roles! I remember her from "General Hospital." She said daytime dramas move so much faster than night-time ones -- "It was great training for 'Scandal' where everyone talks so fast!" Darby said. She was also in "24" but her character got blown up in a Jaguar, so now reprise for that role.

Our favorite thing about Darby? She's a Pacific Northwest girl! She grew up in Alaska and attended high school on Mercer island and minored in Theater at University of Puget Sound.

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