She's currently co-starring in NBC's "Marry Me" and her "Your Family Or Mine" with Richard Dreyfus on TBS premieres TONIGHT!

"When you marry, you marry your spouse's family as well. But TV shows usually only show one set of in-laws." This show is about both sides of the family, which are drastically different. Williams's character is "snobby and right about everything." The other family is more "loosey-goosey, touchey-feely, bohemian, say what you feel. My character turns her nose up at them."

Andy McDowell taught us Southern accents are sexy, but JoBeth Williams dropped her Texas accent while attending school in New England. She was tired of people asking her "hick" questions and judging her.

When she was acting in "Poltergeist" she had no idea if it was going to be a hit or a "straight-to-the-drive-in" movie ("straight to DVD" before DVDs). Spielberg would hold a stick and say, "Scream and be afraid of something right here." We'd ask what it was, and he'd say, "We don't know yet, but it will be good."

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