Take A Look At 30 Photos Showing The Aftermath Of Tri-Cities Windstorm

One of the few things we have to worry about in Tri-Cities is the windstorms that roll through the Columbia Basin once or twice a year.

credit: megan mikals
credit: megan mikals

November 2022 Tri-Cities Windstorm Leaves 1000's Without Power

My wife pulled out of our house the morning after a rough night of high winds that reports are saying pushed 100+ miles per hour and discovered a huge tree in the road from our neighbor's house.

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Thousands were left without power with downed power lines and trees that caused headaches and frustrations across Benton and Franklin counties.

We asked you to share some of your photos of the destruction left behind and the work that remains to clean up the mess.

We received over 200 photos and I thought I'd share some of the photos submitted from your submissions even though there is a lot of damage, I'm glad no one was hurt.

Ed Ham submitted this photo of a man blowing leaves during the windstorm:

credit: ed ham
credit: ed ham

Here are another 30 photos of the weekend's windstorm.

30 Gut-Wrenching Photos Shows Aftermath in Tri-Cities Windstorm

power outages and downed trees - photos show the destruction of Tri-Cities November 2022 windstorm.

Thanks to all that shared their photos with us.

Tri-Yak News posted more details about the power outages and aftermath of the windstorm.

They are advising to watch out for insurance scams during this time. It's easy to fall for door-to-door scammers who say they are from a government agency looking to repair your damages.

Be vigilant and always ask for identification. If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. You can read more about possible scams and the aftermath of the windstorm here.

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