ah, the good old days. I remember heading to the mall with a pocket full of quarters spending the day at the arcade. Those days might have come and gone but a lot of us remember some of the stores that the Columbia Center Mall had and we miss some of them believe it or not.

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How Many Stores Do You Remember At The Columbia Center Mall?

Stores come and go but some remain forever in our memories. We asked you on Facebook what stores you missed the most at the Columbia Center Mall in Kennewick and your list was huge.

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A lot of the stores I recognized but there was a bunch I didn't recognize. Do you remember The Squire Shop? Do you remember The In-Store? I dug deep into the In-Store and I couldn't find anything about that store.

credit: youtube
credit: youtube

Music stores were the rage for years at the mall. Sam Goody, Camelot, and Budget Tapes and Records easily made our list.

People Loved Farrell's Ice Cream Back In The Day In Kennewick

Food like Ivar's Seafood and Mrs. Fields Cookies are already missed and they recently departed the Columbia Center Mall.

credit: youtube
credit: youtube

Clothing stores like Lamonts and Anchor Blue were the hip places to shop and now sadly have become a thing of the past. The Disney store was the #1 store that everyone seemed to miss on our list. People mentioned 3 to 1 the Disney store compared to other stores on our list.

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It's quite a list and I'm sure we missed a ton of stores. You can add to our list by app chatting us on the app and adding to our list. You have to say that at one time, the mall was the place to be.

Columbia Center Mall is still one of the best malls in the region and I'm sure someday twenty years from now, we'll reminisce about the stores that are here today but will be gone tomorrow.

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