If you’re craving some delicious pizza, Tri-Cities has a few options to satisfy that urge for carbohydrates. Rocco’s Pizza has a fantastic variety of pies, and for the beer enthusiast, several IPAs and other beers on tap. Hubby’s Pizza has been a local staple for generations on Columbia Drive in Kennewick.

Is 4th Base Pizza in Kennewick closed?

A newer favorite for pizza lovers in Tri-Cities was 4th Base Pizza in old downtown Kennewick. A co-worker of mine has sworn by the Ham Run and Pickle Pizza at 4th Base. But you know what? He told me when he went to their brick-and-mortar location on South Auburn, it was closed.


I had been telling our new co-worker who just moved to Tri-Cities how he needed to try 4th Base. He’s from Chicago and San Diego, so he knows his pizza but he was really excited to try it out. It just hadn’t worked out for us when we tried going a couple weeks ago. When we went Friday night, we were greeted by a closed store with no signs and a completely stripped kitchen. The chairs were stacked in a way that told us they weren’t coming down for a while.

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After hearing this, I started to do some research. If you look for 4th Base Pizza on Google, their store listing says they’re “permanently closed.” There’s no mention of them closing on their Facebook page, and their most recent post was on October 9. What’s even more curious is that their listing on DoorDash says they’re closed until Wednesday at 4:00 PM. I guess I’ll have to try to place an order then. Hopefully all of this just means they’ve become a ghost kitchen, meaning they don’t have a storefront and only make pizzas for delivery.


What do you think is going on here? Do you think 4th Base will open a brick-and-mortar again? Will a new pizza joint take its place in downtown Kennewick?

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