I'm always on the hunt for a great taco pizza and one of those places that feature one is way over in Pasco so I generally don't grab a pizza there but that's about to change.

Luckily, Rocco's Pizza is getting a second location in Kennewick and that means that taco pizza is going to be closer and closer to me.

Rocco's will soon be in a new location as they open up their second location right here in the Tri-Cities.

The new location is getting ready to open up and if you remember the old Pacific Pasta and Grill place near Ranch and Home, that's where the new Rocco's is going to be located.

If you haven't been to Rocco's, they specialize in pizza, sandwiches, and desserts.

Right now the projected opening date for the new place is March 20th and they'll be open seven days a week. You can read more about the new Rocco's location here.

I haven't tried their Taco Pizza yet but it's on my list to try in the future.

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