What Mythical Creatures Roam The Pacific Northwest?

From the legendary Sasquatch to the mystical sea serpent, Washington State is home to some of the most interesting mythological creatures.


Whether you are a folklorist or just an avid outdoorsman, these mythical creatures will bring a sense of mystery and wonder to your next outdoor adventure and yes I'm in several Bigfoot groups on Facebook so I enjoy the hunt for Bigfoot as much as the next person.

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Here are 5 scary mythological creatures that secretly roam Washington State, there are a few you might recognize but I bet there are few of these that you don't know about:

5 Scary Mythological Creatures That Secretly Roam Washington State

Yes, Bigfoot isn't the only creature roaming the rivers and the forests in Washington State

Whether you believe them or not, these creatures certainly add a certain air of mystery and intrigue to the history of Washington State.

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