Where Are Some Good Wedding Venues In Tri-Cities Washington?

Looking for a suitable wedding venue can be challenging because you've got so many options here in the Tri-Cities. 

megan mikals
megan mikals

Where Is A Unique Place To Get Married In Tri-Cities Washington?

Megan and I married in 2011 at Thompson Hill Cellars with one of the best views of the Tri-Cities. Sadly, that venue is no more but talk about a magical experience.

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I thought I'd compile a few wedding venues around the Tri-Cities that you might not be thinking about.

I know budgets vary from place to place and remember, you can still always get married the old-fashioned way in front of a judge.

The only consideration that you should be making is what makes you and your partner happy at the end of the day.

megan mikals
megan mikals

So here are seven unique places that might be good for a Tri-Cities Washington wedding:

6 Unexpected Gorgeous Places for a Tri-Cities Washington Wedding

Here are 6 unusual places where you might get married in Tri-Cities Washington

These are just suggestions, you'll need to do your own research but perhaps you saw something on my list that works for you and that's great!

Good luck!

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