I try and I try to understand..but seriously, there are just some things we women will never understand why you men do!

I'm sure there are plenty on the Men's side as well. But here are:

7 Dumb Things Men Do to Impress Women That Just… Don’t!


  • Sexting
  • Comb-overs
  • Tweaking a vehicle to make it look bigger or louder but not necessarily faster
  • Clean cars, dirty bedrooms
  • Being competitive about the stupidest things
  • Pranks
  • Emotionally unavailable.
  • And here's one I'm adding! Try to BUY my affection! All the money in the world won't make the WRONG guy, look like the RIGHT One! So quit flaunting your money or trying to impress a woman with your money! Blaaaaaaah! So annoying!