Tri-Cities and Eastern Washington School Delays/Closures For 1/19/14

We've got several delays and closures this morning for Tri-Cities, Yakima Valley, and Oregon, here is our list so far.


Here's The Complete List Of Closures And Delays For 1/19/24 In Tri-Cities Area

We'll continue to update the list as we get more information.

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• State Building Closures - Central Oregon - State offices are closed today, January 19, 2024, in the following counties: Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson. Hybrid and remote workers will work regular hours. Visit for more info (incl. details for hybrid and remote workers). This notice does NOT cover courts or legislative offices. Hybrid and remote workers can get additional information at DAS website. Posted: Fri. 19th, 04:48 AM

• Columbia Basin College - Closed. ALL CAMPUSES CLOSED TOMORROW, Friday January 19th, 2024
All CBC campuses are closed tomorrow Friday January 19th due to inclement weather conditions forecasted to continue overnight and throughout tomorrow, creating unsafe travel conditions throughout the area. All operations, classes, activities including athletic practices and games scheduled for tomorrow are canceled and facilities including the Fitness Center and Library will be closed.
• WSU Tri-Cities - Campus will be closed on Friday January 19, 2024. Classes may move to remote instruction. Students should check Canvas or contact their instructors about the status of their classes. For more information about this event, see UPDATE Posted: Thu. 18th, 09:57 PM
• Yakima Valley College - All campuses and learning centers closed, in-person classes canceled January 19. Students should plan to attend online class sessions as scheduled unless notified otherwise by instructor. More Info Here Posted: Fri. 19th, 05:18 AM
• Goldendale Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:41 PM
• College Place Sch. Dist. - All offices closed, No kindergarten or preschool. All College Place Public Schools closed Friday, January 19, 2024. Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:44 PM
• Columbia Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:23 PM
• Dixie Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:58 PM
• ESD 123 - Office building will open at 10:00 AM. Posted: Thu. 18th, 09:37 PM
• Finley Sch. Dist. - Closed. Before and after-school sports and activities are canceled. Posted: Thu. 18th, 07:57 PM
• Kahlotus School District - Closed Posted: Fri. 19th, 05:05 AM
• Kiona-Benton City Sch. Dist. - Schools CLOSED January 19. All athletic/school events are canceled. Monday, January 22 will be an early release day at 11:00 a.m. for semester break with no lunch. More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 06:40 PM
• North Franklin Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:32 PM
• Pasco Sch. Dist. - Closed More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 07:47 PM
• Paterson Sch. Dist. - Closed More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 07:48 PM
• Prescott Sch. Dist. - Closed. Snow day tomorrow. No school. Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:33 PM
• Prosser Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:04 PM
• Richland Sch. Dist. - All campuses closed. All schools are closed due to weather. More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 08:14 PM
• Starbuck Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late. No breakfast service. Posted: Thu. 18th, 09:03 PM
• Touchet Sch. Dist. - Closed More Info HereUPDATEPosted: Thu. 18th, 08:48 PM
• Waitsburg School District - Waitsburg Schools are closed today. 1/19/2024 Posted: Fri. 19th, 05:08 AM
• Walla Walla Sch. Dist. - Closed. School Canceled - Friday, Jan. 19, 2024 Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:53 PM
• East Valley Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Fri. 19th, 05:00 AM
• EPIC / Seedlings - All Seedlings classes are cancelled at Castlevale, Jefferson, East Yakima, Wide Hollow and Kittitas. ECEAP classes are cancelled at EPIC Place, Ahtanum, Mountainview, Naches and Fairview. UPDATEPosted: Thu. 18th, 06:27 PM
• Grandview Sch. Dist. - Closed. The Grandview School District will be closed Friday, January 19. All GSD schools will be closed- Friday, January. 19. All HS athletic events for Friday or Saturday will be assessed the day of, and coaches will contact the athletes. Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:02 PM
• Granger Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:34 PM
• Highland Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Fri. 19th, 05:09 AM
• Mabton Sch. Dist. - Closed More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 05:26 PM
• Mt Adams Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:06 PM
• Naches Valley Sch. Dist. - Closed More Info HerePosted: Fri. 19th, 04:50 AM
• Selah Sch. Dist. - All campuses closed Posted: Fri. 19th, 04:53 AM
• Sunnyside Sch. Dist. - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:05 PM
• Union Gap Sch. Dist. - Closed UPDATEPosted: Fri. 19th, 05:09 AM
• Wapato Sch. Dist. - Closed UPDATEPosted: Fri. 19th, 05:01 AM
• West Valley Sch. Dist. - Closed. West Valley Schools will have no school on Fri, Jan. 19 due to snow. More Info HerePosted: Fri. 19th, 04:44 AM
• Yakima Sch. Dist. - Closed. YV-TECH is also closed. More Info HerePosted: Fri. 19th, 04:42 AM
• Zillah Sch. Dist. - Closed. Zillah School District is closed today. This includes all buildings and all bus routes. UPDATEPosted: Fri. 19th, 05:05 AM
• Hermiston Sch. Dist. - Closed. Las clases se han cancelado Posted: Thu. 18th, 07:28 PM
• Starbuck Sch. Dist. - Closed UPDATE Posted: Fri. 19th, 05:30 AM 
• Bethlehem Lutheran School - Closed. Eagles' Nest will be closed. All activities canceled. More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 06:40 PM
• Calvary Christian School - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 04:50 PM
• Christ the King School - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:02 PM
• Christian Worship Center Academy - Closed. Due to bad weather and bad road conditions, CWCA will be closed. Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:10 PM
• Heritage Preschool and Kindergarten - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 06:30 PM
• Kingspoint Christian School - Closed. Elementary through MS use snow packets and HS is remote More Info HerePosted: Thu. 18th, 08:30 PM
• Liberty Christian School Tri-Cities - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 03:33 PM
• St. Joseph's School Kennewick - Closed Posted: Thu. 18th, 07:49 PM
• Yakama Nation Tribal School - Closed. All Yakama Nation programs are closed for Friday, January 19th. (For Sat. Jan 20th) Posted: Fri. 19th, 12:11 AM
• West Side Church - Richland - No AM preschool Posted: Thu. 18th, 09:15 PM
• Benton Franklin Head Start - All classes, socialization, and home visits are canceled for Friday, 1/19/2024. Posted: Thu. 18th, 08:05 PM

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