The City of Richland is working with Columbia Basin College to turn the aging, sparse neighborhood between Swift and Knight streets into an urban zone full of bustling mixed-use buildings.

On a list of major CBC priorities, No. 4 is a 17,500-square-foot building with seven stories that would house apartments, retail, offices and CBC classrooms.

That spot on the priority list means it could take 10-20 years to build since it would cost tens of millions of dollars. But the project would be the first, and keystone, to a new urban campus concept the city is planning for.

Would you rather see this happen sooner or later?

My mom taught secretary skills (typewriters and shorthand) in the existing campus next to the library. It housed Delta High School until recently. It will be sad to see it torn down, but it's literally as old as I am and hasn't changed much. All the WWII cream-colored buildings are kind of an embarrassment and eyesore. Honestly, I don't think it can come soon enough.

But first transportation issues need to be solved. GW Way is too crowded already.


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