Have you ever left a review? I'm not one to do that but I have several friends who love jumping on the review pages and speaking their minds. 

I'm sure most of the time reviews are meant to be helpful but sometimes reviews just don't make any sense at all.

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Besides your usual Yelp and Google review pages, there's a new review website called niche.com and overall Kennewick gets a B+. That's pretty good considering we could've scored an F!

With every review, there are one or two that make you scratch your head and go what the heck were you thinking about when you wrote it. We've compiled some of the stranger reviews off niche.com and let's see if these make sense to you.

Take a look at our list below:

Bad Reviews Of Kennewick That'll Make You Shake Your Head

Check out these bad reviews of Kennewick that make you shake your head

Pasco scored a B and Richland scored an A so I guess Kennewick at a B+ is just right!

The thing about websites and apps like niche.com is they are helpful but when you see a few weird ones in the reviews, you do have to shake your head at them. Are you a big reviewer? I've got a friend who loves to leave bad reviews especially when they feel they've been slighted. I've always been more of the silent type. If I get bad service, I just don't go back.

You can check out more reviews about the Tri-Cities here. 

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