Here Are Eight Worlds Only People From Washington State Can Pronounce Correctly

Growing up in the Lewis/Clark Valley on the border of Washington and Idaho, I took many words for granted.


Can You Pronounce These Eight Words Correctly From Washington State?

For example, when I hear someone say Mos-COW instead of Moss-CO, I know they're not from Washington State.

Reesha Cosby
Reesha Cosby

It always makes me take a second look at the person saying it. My wife from Oregon gives me a lot of flack because of the way I say Albany Oregon. Is it ALL-BU-KNEE or AL-BU-KNEE --- see how easy it is to mess these places up?

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So I thought I'd spend some time on words or places that people outside of Washington State seem to mess up.

A few examples from the Tri-Cities and Yakima area include Naches, Toppenish, and Buena.

I'm sure you are already saying those words in your head but here are 8 more places and words that most people from outside of Washington State will mispronounce:

8 Words That Only People From Washington State Can Pronounce Correctly

Here are eight words that anyone not from Washington State will mess up

Here's my pick of the eight words that most people outside of Washington State would struggle with - what are yours? If you've got a suggestion, feel free to leave them in the comments below

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