A new survey by Brawny Paper Towels reveals that the amount of time women spend cleaning triples during the holiday season. Other findings:

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 women spend almost two hours (116 minutes) cleaning their homes each week. Holiday gatherings can

add almost four hours to that, including time spent before and after at-home parties.

- getting clean for the holidays means spending nearly two hours (115 minutes) tidying up before get-togethers and another hour and a half (85 minutes) cleaning up after at-home parties end.

- Christmas is considered the messiest holiday by the majority of women (57.3%) followed by Thanksgiving (32.5%), New Year's (3.4%) and Halloween (2.5%).

- women say cleaning up after pets (27.1%) is just as hard as cleaning up after their spouse or significant other (25.6%) and more difficult than cleaning up after their child (20.1%).

- scrubbing the tub/shower (30%), cleaning the toilet (14.7%), mopping the floor (13.5%), dusting (11.4%) and cleaning windows (11%) are the chores women least enjoy.

- taking out the trash is the one task women are most likely to rely on a housemate to handle (36.8%), followed by vacuuming (10.9%) and cooking (8.5%).