A month ago we asked you how often you washed your sheets and we were shocked at the results! Someone, somewhere apparently did a survey and 1/3 of the people polled admitted to only washing their sheets once a year! GROSS!

I am happy to report our listeners are quite a bit cleaner than that and most people actually are on my schedule. Once a week, Sunday preferably but sometimes the day gets away from me and I end up washing them on Monday. I like to start my week out fresh and clean, whether it is on a Sunday or a Monday!

I was appalled when I heard that plenty of people only washed them once a year, I was even more shocked knowing that people actually admitted to it! A lot of our listeners reported they wash theirs every three to four days, some only twice a month and some said on hot sticky days they wash them every other day. After reading the results from the poll we took I started thinking maybe I should do it more often and that even though I wash them more than once a year I am not as clean as I could be. Well, today is Sunday and I am beat from the weekend so it is looking like I am a little extra dirty this week and will start my fresh clean week on a Monday! So what is it for you? Once a week, twice a week, every other day or do you fall in with the 1/3 of the people surveyed from a random poll and only do it once a year? We want to hear from you in the comments, how often do you wash your sheets?


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