Why make a full-blown appointment for your pet to have his or her nails trimmed? Leave the vet appointments for the big deals.

Today, your cat or dog can get a pedicure just like we get at the nail salon. If you notice that your cat's or dog's nails need to be trimmed, bring them to one of three locations of The Nail Place.

The service is promised to be fast, friendly, and affordable.

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If you see that your pet is due for a trim, there are three different locations available to visit, depending where you are in the Tri-Cities.

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According to The Nail Place Facebook page, pedicures for a small animal are $11 and a pedi for a medium-large animal will run you $13.

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Co-owner Keeni Mitchell had posted on their Facebook page asking for your help as far as where they should park the trailers. Based on your recommendations they decided to park in Pasco at the HAPO Center, in Richland at the Ace Hardware parking lot at 1415 George Washington Way, and on Keene, at the Ace Hardware parking lot at 103 Keene Road.

Appointments are not necessary. Walk ins only. Not only can you have your pets nails trimmed, ear cleanings are available for just $5.


Hours of operation are:

Sunday- Pasco, Keene and Richland locations
Monday-Pasco location
Tuesday-Keene location
Wednesday-Richland location
Thursday-Pasco location
Friday-Pasco Keene and Richland locations

For more information, call 509-980-2072.

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