A routine maintenance check resulted in HVAC experts finding a DOZEN snakes in a local home's air vents! Disgusting! KEPR TV made a video that may make you want to throw up (link below).

I learned something equally gross about tract homes. When a whole neighborhood is built at once in a hurry, it's common for the construction workers to be in a frenzy to get their work done. That has resulted in HVAC experts finding lunch wrappers, bottles filled in urine, and even dried human poop in the attics of homes! The construction workers didn't want to come down to eat or relieve themselves and they were working so quickly they forgot to throw out their trash before sealing up the job!!! GROSS!

How often to you clean the air ducts in your home? Generally, it's something that a company that handles HVAC systems should do to be thorough. Experts say that every three to five years you should have them cleaned. Rodents can wander in these ducts and that may have been what attracted the snakes that were found in the Richland home. If you have recurring illness or sneezing, or notice dust around your vents and registers, it's probably time for a cleaning. I have had mine cleaned for years by a local company and love them. They can take a look at your ducts and determine if you need an immediate cleaning or not.

I was once told to clean my air filter every 3 months. Then a HVAC friend of mine said that's an old wive's tale and every 6 mos. is fine. But then I bought a new home and installed a new filter and after 2 weeks was having allergy problems EVERY DAY! I tried replacing the filter and it was FILTHY after just two months. So check your filter often and do consider having the pros do regular maintenance.

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