What Day Of The Year Is Deadliest For Washington State Drivers

Driving on the roads in Washington State can be treacherous, especially during the winter months when icy roads can quickly turn a drive into a dangerous situation, but, have you ever wondered what the deadliest day of the year on the road is in Washington State?

Washington State's Deadliest Day To Drive Isn't During The Winter Months

My first thought was wintertime because of the obvious weather. I've always said I'd rather drive on snow any day compared to driving on ice.

I was surprised to discover that the most dangerous day in the year on the road in Washington State has nothing to do with winter or ice.

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I did a little research and here is what I uncovered:

According to data from the Washington State Department of Transportation, the deadliest day of the year on the road in Washington State is July 4th. KOMO News did a complete story on some statistics here.


The months of July and August, in general, tend to have the highest number of fatalities on the road in Washington State. The warm summer weather brings more traffic to the roads, and people tend to stay out late, leading to more potential for accidents.

The winter months also see a significant number of fatalities on the road, as the slippery roads and reduced visibility make driving more challenging. December tends to be the deadliest winter month, followed closely by January.

Teenage Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident Holding Hands Up.

I've always been under the assumption that winter is the worst time to be on the road but it sadly makes sense that a lot of Washingtonians are traveling for vacation during the summer making it a particularly unsafe time to be on the roadways in Washington State.

So there you have it, take extra care driving during the summer months, especially around the 4th of July so you don't become one of the statistics.

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