In February the Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden said he was going to increase " more non-stop flights to the destinations people want to travel to." Now the company has bought  Virgin America to expand their west coast coverage and make good on that promise. Alaska is now the largest airline one the west coast according to news reports.

He went on to say that "We're looking at additional growth opportunities for the area. We know the region is doing well economically, we know that PNNL stuff is doing well, we know wine is doing well. We want to pay attention to that and support you all with air service". In San Francisco the merger will expand the flights from just Seattle to also flying to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, San Diego, Denver and Washington D.C. Remember those are not the flights that are being added to Pasco but it can give you an idea the impact that this merger can have on us in the future.

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