When Is Amazon Hiring In Pasco Washington?

Two new Amazon warehouses are soon to be a reality in the Tri-Cities and their first big job announcement makes the path to new job opportunities a possibility in Pasco.

Amazon Opens Covid-19 Vaccine Hub For Employees
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Pasco Washington Amazon Warehouse Job Openings

If you've been looking for a job, Amazon has posted the first big opportunity for the new Pasco warehouses and it's a big job.

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Tri-Cities Business Journal first reported the building of the two warehouses in 2021 and it looks like they are now accepting job applications for the new facilities.

The two facilities codenamed " Pearl" and "Oyster" will be located on South Road 40 East, north of Sacajawea State Park in Pasco.

Amazon Opens Covid-19 Vaccine Hub For Employees
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Over 220 million is being spent on the new Amazon distribution warehouses and it looks like they are looking for Staffing Administrator to handle the high volume of hiring for the new locations.

Amazon Jobs has the posting and here's what they are looking for:

The Workforce Staffing (WFS) team is looking for a non-exempt Staffing Administrator. Staffing Administrators will help coordinate and execute activities to support the High Volume Hiring (HVH) and staffing efforts for the WFS team for defined geography (node). These efforts include but are not limited to New Hire Events (NHE), New Hire Orientation (NHO), and Community Engagement.

This role is essential to creating a positive candidate and associate experience, and will often serve as the "face" of Amazon for our candidates.

A successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal means, is able to follow instructions and applies the best response to multiple-choice situations, and has strong organizational skills and the ability to multitask.

Staffing Administrators will quickly pivot between tasks with short notice to provide the best possible customer service, will escalate when actions needed do not have clearly defined resolution steps, and suggests improvements where opportunities exist in the process.

the position pays between $35,000 - $65,000 per year.

It looks like the first wave of hiring is happening at Amazon and if you are looking for a new opportunity on the ground floor, this might be the job for you.

You can get more details and apply for the job here.

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