I know lots of people will be out and partaking of a little Holiday Cheer for New Years.   I found this phone app available for Android or Iphone.

Type in r-u-buzzed on your app store icon and get the   free download that gives you a BAC (blood alcohol count) indicator  so you can gauge how much you've drank and if it's okay to get behind the wheel.

Reasonable judgement goes down when you've had any alcohol at all, so do the right thing and make sure you keep track of how many drinks you've had and what time frame you've consumed them in.

Then enter it on your phone and it will show you easily and definitely if it's OK to drive or if you are considered buzzed or impaired and should find a designated driver.

I've heard people say..."I'll be fine, I don't have far to go" But PLEASE keep in mind.. It's not ONLY you we are worried about!  It's the innocent son, daughter, mother or brother etc..that you might just KILL if you get behind that wheel!

So PLEASE do the right thing and keep track, be careful and DON'T drink and drive!

And if you've had any alcohol at all...at least use this app to make it clear to you what your blood alcohol level is!

Even if YOU yourself don't drink, grab this App and have it available to show a friend if they have been drinking. It might be a good way to convince them to give up their keys!

Please be SAFE!

(Thank you)

Best wishes for the Holidays!