Anyone else gotten a note from the Kennewick Police Department?

I popped open the mailbox yesterday and inside was a note from the Kennewick Police Department. It almost looked like a "fix it ticket" but I soon discovered it was a checklist from the Kennewick Police Department.

It looks like Officer Valdez was patrolling the neighborhood at 3 AM on Saturday morning and decided to leave a little note.

Officer Valdez was just reminding my family that he was in the neighborhood on extra patrols and noticed that our house numbers where well-lit and visible. It was unexpected, but a welcome note!

The note also contained a checklist of things to help home owners with crime prevention and KPD's contact information.

If you see this in your mailbox this week, you'll know what it's all about.

Kudos to the Kennewick Police Department for taking the extra time. I'm just glad I had my porch light on at the time of this visit.


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