July 23rd the no-hold smart phone goes into effect which means a stiff ticket but what about school zone speed limits?

It's summertime so you don't expect the school zones speeds to be in effect but guess what we discovered...

A recent article explained the summer time school zone speed limit that is in effect...

A woman in Everett, Washington was cited for speeding in a school zone while driving 30 MPH, the posted limit when children were not present. No children were nearby at the time of her citation.

The judge who reviewed her case stated that RCW 46.61.440 specifies that the speed limit in a school zone is always 20 MPH. The law appears to make no exception for time of day, nor does it honor posted exceptions such as "when children are/aren't present" or "when flashing".

The article appeared in the Seattle Times -----> Seattle Times

During the summer, it's on rare occasion that the school speed zone will be flashing but it might surprise you that summer school counts as school in session so be aware of that next time you drive through a school zone in the summer.

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