There's this fella on Instagram named Matt Shirley who has nearly 400,000 followers. He asked his followers what the worst attractions in every state are. Washington got The Gum Wall. I'll have to agree. Everyone who sees it has a wrinkled nose expression on their face. For Oregon it's Voodoo Donuts. I've never had one, but it probably got voted worst attraction because it gets so much talk and publicity that it may be overrated. For Idaho, it's the Potato Museum. And that brings us to a state that is near and dear to my heart, Montana. According to Matt's Instagram followers, the worst attraction there is the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar. From the Tri-Cites, you can be there in under 4 hours and it's one of my favorite places, undeserving of this list. As a kid growing up in Montana, we would drive to WA every summer to visit family and always stopped there. That's back when it was the $10,000 Silver Dollar Bar. There are well over 100,000 silver dollars mounted in and around the classic wooden bar top nowadays, but the name with $50,000 remains. Part of why I love this place so much is because of the childhood memories, but it's a great stop on a road trip for anyone. The food is good, they serve hand scooped ice cream (huckleberry!), specialty coffee drinks and a massive variety of touristy fun items plus hoodies and t-shirts at decent prices. Nice, clean little hotel there also if you want to spend the night.

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