Are We Dating The Same Guy? Facebook Page Does Exist In Tri-Cities

Dating can be hard and even harder when the guy you are dating isn't trustworthy.


One Tri-Cities Facebook Page Hopes To Be A Resource To Women

My female co-worker recently had it happen to her when a guy slid into her DM's and was doing the usual pulse check to see if she was up for a tango even though she knew the guy had a wife or girlfriend.

I loved her response as she replied she doesn't entertain sh*tty A** men.

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In the comments below my friend's Facebook response, I saw that one woman had posted a link to the "Are We Dating The Same Guy?" Facebook page and I thought it was pure genius so I decided to search out this page for myself.


I quickly discovered that it's a private page so you'll have to join if you want to see any of the posts but I loved the mission of the page after reading some of the criteria that were explained before you join the group.

Here's the mission of the page:
This group is a place for women to protect and empower other women while warning each other of men who might be liars, cheaters, abusers, or exhibit any type of toxic or dangerous behavior.
There will be three main uses for this page:
-It can be used as a place where girls can warn other girls about toxic men.
-It can also be used to inquire about men you're seeing or who you just met to see if anyone has had any experiences with that person to check to see if anyone posted any warnings about a man.
-It is also a safe space for relationship support and advice in general.
I think it's awesome that such a page exists and I like that the page is there to help women who might be leery of a potential or current partner who might be hiding something.

I think anything that strives to keep women safe from being catfished is a good thing.

My article isn't an endorsement of the page since I'm not a member but I thought I'd pass along the link just in case you yourself might be dealing with a situation like my co-worker. You can get more details on the page here.

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