Some people find it hard to describe Washington, they say "beautiful", "elegant," "rainy," and "gorgeous" I always liked to describe it that everywhere you look it's a postcard.

Because it's true, Washington is just that beautiful that almost anywhere you go is worthy of a postcard. The scenery, the cities, the lakes, and even the ocean are breathtaking. So let's take a look at some of the best sights in Washington and where to go to see them.

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Mt. Rainer at Sunrise Visitor Center

Of course, the start of our list is the giant active Volcano in our state, almost anywhere you go the mountain is out and piercing thru the sky. However, if you truly wanna experience the Beauty of Mt. Rainer it' won't be in a city where you can see it. Instead, take a drive to Sunrise Visitor Center, after a small walk you'll be within perfect view of the Mountain and all its beauty, perfect for pictures.

The Puget Sound in Seattle 

Driving around most of Seattle you can see the beauty of the Puget Sound, but if you really wanna take in the sight there's only one place to do it, taking the Ferry from Seattle to Vashon Island. Not only do you get to put yourself in the Sound and see the sights all around you, but once you get to Vashon Island you have a beautiful view of the sound leading into Seattle.

Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is a perfect place to visit, see how gorgeous downtown Seattle is and everything it has to offer, While you're there check out the Experience Music Project where the Legends of Seattle music are honored and encased in history, actual pages of Kurt Cobain's diary are on display with original writings of some of Nirvana's biggest songs. But this is all beside the point. The best part about being at the Seattle Center is the Space Needle, from below it towers over you giving you some new picture options and ideas. On top of this, you can take a trip to the top of the Space needle and grab some seriously gorgeous pictures of all of Seatle.

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