It's not unusual for me to fill my days with way more things then I can possibly fit in them. I am forever in a hurry rushing from one thing to the next because I can't seem to say no to the things in life that sound "fun!"

I've recently begun to wonder if maybe I have an issue. Like I'm addicted to FUN or something! Cause it leaves me exhausted trying to do all the things I want to do, let alone all the things I have to do!

That being said...I thought it sounded FUN to take a Salsa Dance Class, and so I started a class on Wednesdays at the Richland Parks & Rec Dept. My first lesson was Wed!

It was so much fun! I got excited! And, maybe a little carried away! I decided that night  to go buy dancing shoes!  With the encouragement of some of the other students. And,

Dana the teacher explained that it really is necessary to have a good pair of shoes to dance in.

So, I went over to the dance studio and a friend from the class that night went with me! (We decided we would practice a little after I bought my shoes) So he came with me.

He had bought himself new shoes and had just gotten them the night before, although he'd been dancing Salsa for about a month. Still it didn't seem unreasonable for me to buy shoes.

Well, once I got there, I noticed they had the cutest Salsa Dancer outfits hanging so attractively in their shop that I just couldn't resist! I got all excited and bought a few outfits to go with my shoes! With money I don't really have to spend! But, I got so caught up in the moment! So that is the NOT so funny part.

Here's the funny part.

Tonight there is a Salsa Band playing at Grizzly Bar and a bunch of us had decided at class that we would show up and practice dancing that night. I have new clothes to wear!! But the hilarious part is that all of a sudden it dawned on me, that I DON'T know HOW to dance much Salsa yet! And if I show up in my "Salsa Dancing Clothes!" it is going to be so incredibly HILARIOUS!!

I'm laughing so hard right now I have tears in my eyes...Can you imagine? Hahaha! Maybe I should put a flower in my hair and wear my totally authentic looking Salsa dance clothes and then just start dancing like the hippie rock child I really am! Too funny right?

I laughed so hard at the thought! And then was relieved that I am having this realization NOW instead of after I arrive and am dancing! I guess I will wear jeans tonight. And save the clothes for when I actually know how to dance Salsa!

I think I have an issue with getting a little carried away with things that are FUN! I kinda go all out and it's a bit embarrassing! But, Oh well! It was fun! And watch out! Cause when I can learn a few moves, I'm breakin' out the cool clothes I bought! CA-Rumba!! :)

I want you to know I was too embarrassed to admit this to just anyone. But, since I tell you guys everything..I thought I'd share it with you. I know Big Jim & Stacy Lee are going to soo tease me!!


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