Joyce and Carmine

One of Tri-Cities' favorite Italian Restaurants Carmine's owners just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary!

Carmine Aitoro and his wife Joyce Announced in a post on October 8th that they had been married for 59 years and were blessed to enjoy dinner together and offered up some advice to a successful marriage:

Secrets for a successful marriage: Rule #1 "Wife/Mother is always right." Rule #2 "When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.  In real life, forgiveness and compromise are key and when you disagree, arguing is healthy to air each's own feelings, but in the end forgiveness and compromise rule the day. Also in real life, there are always three sides to every story, his, hers and the truth.

Some pretty solid advice if you ask me...I just personally wanted to congratulate the Aitoro's on 59 wonderful years not to mention the wonder authentic homestyle Italian food the Tri-Cities LOVES

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