Mother's Day is this weekend and whether you're looking to take mom out to eat with the entire family or just for a couple people, try out these suggestions of local restaurants:


Country Gentleman

Country Gentleman is definitely know in the Tri-Cities for their catering, but the restaurant on Clearwater in Kennewick has a great breakfast menu. No need for reservations, but you will still enjoy 5 star service and quality food with a nice hometown feel. Their Bloody Mary's are a delicious way to start your Mother's Day morning.

Sandstone Cafe

One of the best places to get an omelet in the Tri Cities...even if its past breakfast time as you can enjoy your favorite breakfast at anytime of the day! The service is quick and friendly and tables are always clean. It's nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal with someone without having to worry about pushy or bad service, and that's what Sandstone offers. A perfect place to enjoy a great breakfast and be able to hold a conversation without a ton of noise and hustle and bustle around you.


Sageport Grille

This hidden, yet well known gem is a perfect place to enjoy a view of the Columbia River and enjoy a great lunch. Located just off of Columbia Park Trail in what is technically Richland. Don't be expected to be wooed by the glamour of this place or even the service for that matter, but the food comes out quick and is absolutely delicious. A great place for lunch or dinner, the Sageport is a must try at least once. That will lead you to go back again and again. Plus if its a nice day on Mother's Day, the outdoor seating with the view of The Columbia River makes for a perfect mid day meal with mama!



You don't have to go to the Olive Garden to get good Italian food. In fact, Carmine's is even better in my opinion. This place has a great home feel as it is actually in an old house. The tables are actual dining room tables and it is served family style. Depending on the day of the week will depend on what the main dish is for that night. Very fun without the chaos of a chain restaurant. Call ahead though as there isn't a ton of table.

Of course its nice to be waited on...but better yet, why not wait on your mom? Make a home cooked meal. She will definitely appreciate the work you put in!  Keep her favorite foods in mind and plan the menu accordingly. Get a nice bouquet of flowers to help dress the table. Think about all the great holiday meals she has mad for everyone...let her kick back and enjoy a family dinner without having to prepare or cleanup. Guaranteed to be a meal she wont soon forget!

What are you doing this Mothers Day for your Mom? Any suggestions that I may have missed?