The Benton County Sheriff's Office has released the bodycam footage from an officer as he pulls an unconscious man from a burning vehicle.

Corporal J.P. Benitez was traveling on Clearwater Avenue on March 7th. Just after 9 am, he was in the area of Highway 395 and West Clearwater when he saw the vehicle fire in the Rite Aid parking lot.

Upon arrival, Corporal Benitez saw there was an unconscious male inside.

Corporal Benitez pulled the man from the burning vehicle to safety and began emergency medical treatment. The driver had allegedly overdosed.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested for suspicion of DUI and reckless driving.

Deputy pulls passed-out overdosed driver from burning SUV (KPD)
Deputy pulls passed-out overdosed driver from burning SUV (KPD)

The vehicle crashed into a parked trailer. There were two persons inside the trailer. They were not injured in the crash.


The SUV driver was taken to a local hospital and then booked into the Benton County Jail.

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