Well the crazy election is finally over and a lot of folks are happy and a lot are depressed and confused...so we should do what all good Americans do and that is go drinking!

John Lund/Annabelle Breakey

Now let me say this first please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Here are a few select locations where you can get your drink on whether you're celebrating or commiserating...

  1. Sports Bars like: The Sports Page or Kimos or The Pub
  2. Wine Bars like: Bookwalter, Tagaris, 3 Eyed Fish or Gordon Estate wine bar
  3. Dive Bars like: Ty's Tavern, the Office, Two Bits & A Bite, the Dug Out
  4. Breweries like: Ice Harbor, Shrub Stepp, Copper Top, Barley's Brewhub
  5. Restaurant Bars: Cedars, Bonefish, Azteca, Applebee's, LuLu's


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