Schools and employers have a lot of restrictions on what "punishments" they can dish out for bad behavior. So if you want some really good stories, you've got to talk to veterans! Here's my story of getting in big trouble plus a few more from an international survey.I drove tanks for the Army in Korea. Our base was boring so we liked to visit local bars. One time rookies went to a club in a dangerous neighborhood and got in a scuffle. As punishment, EVERYONE was told to stay on base for several days. I was no rookie. I knew what bars were safe. So I snuck out to visit my favorite watering hole.

I walk in the door and who's sitting at the bar? My commander. "Well, good evening Corporal Florea."

"Good evening, sir. I need to get back to base, sir."

"That'd be a good idea. And see me in my office in the morning."

I had just been promoted to Corporal and he knocked me back down to Private First Class. There went my beer money.

Check these stories out:

  • A Navy captain once took someone's birthday, He deliberately sailed parallel to the International Dateline, then slipped across it right on midnight. Tomorrow suddenly became yesterday and I had no birthday that year.
  • An idiot in basic training was punished by being told to watch the door and not let anyone in without signing a visitor's log. When the Brigade Sergeant Major walked up and was stopped by the idiot he got a full dressing down "Full Metal Jacket" style.
  • For not properly inspecting his firetruck, an Air Force firefighter was told to stand in the wind holding a trash bag out for two hours so the flight tower could use him as a windsock.
  • An officer once made a soldier move a 50 lbs. box from the barracks to the showers every two minutes for two hours.
  • We were making our beds too slowly once so the officer threw our stuff in the shower and then made us make perfect beds with no wrinkles with wet sheets!
  • A mouthy soldier was told to paint rocks because "gray was boring."
  • Common punishments include hugging trees, sweeping water off runways during a rainstorm or sweeping sand off during a sandstorm.
  • A soldier in basic lost his canteen so the officer made him wander the base asking inanimate objects if they'd seen his canteen.
  • A soldier was walking out of the shower naked and a female drill sergeant walked into him and made him do 50 pushups nude.
  • An officer made a soldier in basic feed real hay to a model horse for three hours.

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