I believe this is a scam happening in the Tri-Cities.

I went to my mom's house on Sunday and was told about a suspicious salesman that appeared at her doorstep just moments before I arrived.

My mom answered the door and a gentleman was on her porch. When she opened the door he placed his foot in the doorway. He immediately handed her a bottle of "awesome cleaner" -- keep in mind you can buy this product at the dollar store. He said he was a Kirby vacuum salesperson and they were opening a store in Kennewick (hmm... didn't they just close a Kirby store off of Clearwater?)

Several people were at her house (she does not live alone) and they heard the conversation taking place: he was asking about her name, people that live with her and then asked to come inside. One of my family members came to the door and started asking him questions. After a few minutes the man took his cleaner and shady-looking business card from my mom's hand a quickly drove off, not stopping at any other homes in the neighborhood.

I called the Kennewick Police department and this is what they said:

All door to door sales people are required to carry and have a Solicitors license on them at all times. If a sales person does not present one they are in violation! At that point you should slam the door shut and call 911. Many times these solicitors are from out of town and get arrested for not having a license and can have a warrant out for their arrest."

Personally I think this guy was scoping out her house and wanted to get inside. Either way, he had poor sales techniques...lol

Make sure you educate all family members on such scams. Remember the key phrase is "Please show me your solicitor's license." That should weed out the shady people.

Businesswoman looking through door, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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