It's playing out like a scene from a TV show like Criminal Minds. A vehicle was discovered in Othello and inside police found several deceased bodies.

According to police reports, authorities discovered the van and the bodies at 6:30 AM yesterday morning out on the 2200 block of Charla Road.

The van had blood on its hood prompting the search and police discovered a body inside. They were shocked to discover more bodies in the trunk.

It sounds like a gruesome scene from a TV show but it's reality. The Washington State Crime Lab is still trying to identify the bodies as some of them have deteriorated so they haven't been able to identify the remains of the victims.

Police have arrested Mauricio Nava-Garibay, 28 on suspicion of first-degree murder and other charges pending. Garibay has been taken to the Adams County Jail awaiting arraignment.

You can read more about this breaking story here.

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