I was driving down by Columbia Park the other day checking out the beautiful Columbia river and day dreaming of being out on the river on a boat and there is was a Malibu wake setter for sale on the side of the road.


I quickly pulled over took a few snap shots of the boat which I could totally see myself on and called the phone # listed. The man that had it for sale answered and started telling me all the stats of the boat a 2008, always garaged,and perfectly maintained and only 140 hours on the motor, he explained he bought the boat so he and his son could enjoy time on the river and now his son went off to college and the boat just sits. That's when I asked the magic question how much $$? I was shocked to hear the price...he said it was worth 51 or 52 thousand but her would take $49,000 for it today...Wow I had no idea that's how expensive these boats are. I politely exited the conversation and continued my daydream of being on a boat on the mighty Columbia river!

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