Whether you just love the water, or you're the next big thing in jet skiing, Washington loves our lakes. During the summer they're the perfect getaway from the heat. Cool off or catch some air in any of the lakes on the list.

This list is for those with jet skis, boats, or who love some fun out in the sun. We traveled the PNW and found our five favorite lakes for watersports, take advantage of the summer while we still have the nice weather, and trek out to one of these fantastic lakes and make memories for a lifetime.

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5.) Diablo Lake

Out in the stunning cascade mountains, Diablo Lake is perfect year-round for hiking but even better during the summer when you can enjoy a refreshing dip and enjoy scenic views. Not to mention how fun it is to take out your boat or jetski and take it all in while flying down the water.

4.) Lake Wenatchee

Located in...you guessed it, Wenatchee, this lake looks at the beautiful Washington mountains and stretches over five miles long. Perfect for you and the whole family to head out and enjoy some fun out on the water.

3.) Bonnie Lake

Located in Bonnie Lake the city, this lake dries up during the fall and winter seasons, but when spring rolls around the lake fills back up and locals hit the water. There's tons of fun to be had here, whether you wanna soak up some sun, take a refreshing dip, or hit the water with your boat and enjoy some fishing.

2.) Lake Chelan

A destination everyone in Washington should check out at least once in their lifetime. Not only is it great for fun in the sun and different water sports activities. But it's also a great vacation destination with loads of restaurants, air BNB, and hotels. Take all the equipment you need for the water and stay for the amazing scenery, food, and activities.

1.) Lake Washington 

Located in King County, lake Washington is a huge open lake, funny enough a large number of celebrities and billionaires live out on this lake and have been spotted out on the water multiple times including Marshawn Lynch, Bill Gates, and more. Head on out to Lake Washington with your watercraft and boats to go and have some fun!

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