Caring for Our Pets in the Heatwave
It's HOT for us.  Imagine how dangerous this can be for pets who may be living out in the elements.  A heat advisory is in effect for the lower Columbia Basin and Oregon through Thursday evening.  Triple digit heat is expected with temperatures rising as high as high as 110 degre…
How to Tell If It’s Too Hot to Walk Your Dog
With 100+ degree weather we're all struggling to give our kids and pets enough "outside time." But even if your animal has been cooped up all day, you could burn their feet by walking them when the asphalt is too hot.Here's how to tell:
Beat the Heat with Cookies!
The Cedar Rapids Gazette newspaper reported a high of around 100 degrees on Friday. How did the Iowans deal with that kind of heat? Just like anyone else would. They baked cookies on the hood of their car!
On July 7th, 15 cookies fresh from the package were placed on a cookie sheet and at 10:45 were …

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