Are you looking for the least traveled places to take your dog to cool off in the Tri-Cities?

One Reddit user asked that very same question on a recent posting. She said she was looking for a place in the Tri-Cities where her dog could get wet off the leash and away from people.

She said her dog was friendly enough but she really wanted to take them off the leash and let 'em burn off some energy.

Most places around the Tri-Cities have a leash requirement but several users on Reddit jumped on and gave her some suggestions on where she could and let her pooch run free.

We've compiled a quick list and gallery of some of the suggestions from Reddit.

5 Great Places For Your Dog To Cool Off In The Tri-Cities

Check out these five great places for dogs to get cool in the Tri-Cities


That's our list. It's far from complete so feel free to add your suggestions.

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Being a dog owner in the heat and wanting to take your pups down to the river can get a little tricky.

Luckily, we've got plenty of places to check out because of how many rivers we've got right here in the Tri-Cities.

If your pup is dying to jump into the river but hates being on a leash, check out the five suggestions above!

You can check out the original Reddit posting below

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