Wear Your Life Jackets
With triple digit heat expected to arrive in our Tri-Cities, it's an awesome excuse to cool off on the water, especially on our rivers. Be safe.  Please remember to wear your life jackets.  They save lives. I had a very scary encounter with the Yakima River just a few years ago...
Boating on the Columbia River Pet Peeves [VIDEO]
We recently purchased a boat and have been getting out on the Columbia and Snake rivers. Having a great time I might add, however a few pet peeves of mine. Like at the boat launch don't let your kids/pets swim where boats are launching. 1st of all it's not safe and it is a major pain for the boater to try to avoid your kids/pets. There I said it!
Best Boat Docks in the Tri-Cities
It’s boating season! Thanks to the three rivers, the Tri-Cities provides many places for boat launches and docks. Here is a map of some of the popular boat facilities in the Tri-Cities.
Best Places to Meet Singles in Tri-Cities – Our Top Five
Single and ready to mingle...lame, cliche phrase I know, but when you are ready to go out and find someone to have a good time with, take a shot at some of these spots: Bars The obvious choice if you choose to booze. There are a more than a couple choices in the Tri-Cities...